YOU, THE BOX BUILDERS are the most important part of the team – without you, none of this is possible. There are a thousand ways you can get more involved if you’d like to: holding a bake sale, completing a sponsored challenge on our behalf, or even applying to come with us on our next trip! Please get in touch if you’d like to help out more.


Roisin Blake (Chief Organiser) is one of the founders of Presents for Syria. Her wish to raise money to support Syrians in need stems from having lived in Syria in 2010-11 on her year abroad from university.

Victor Lamarque (Chief Fundraiser) is one of the founders of Presents for Syria, and lived in Syria and Lebanon between 2009 and 2012. Presents for Syria is one of the ways he stays connected to Syria from abroad.

Matt & Uli (The IT team) Having worked in IT for many years, Matt and Uli have a wealth of experience with delivering technical solutions to socio-economic challenges across the developing world.

Sarah Lamason (Finance guru) joined as part of the 2017 campaign and now couldn’t imagine life without it. 


Presents for Syria is working with charities in both the UK and Middle East. In the UK, registered charity the AMAR International Charitable Foundation has kindly agreed to accept donations on behalf of Presents for Syria. For more information about AMAR, visit

This year in Lebanon, Presents for Syria is working with a local NGO Laha for Social and Civic Development to assess the needs of the children, source the items and help to distribute the boxes.