Gifts that give

Syrian refugee children in Lebanon urgently need your help over the winter. We build boxes with essential items and gift these on your behalf.

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WHAT WE DO – Presents for Syria gives you the opportunity to donate a box of gifts for a Syrian refugee child living in Lebanon. Go to the donate page to choose your box type, donate the corresponding amount via JustGiving, and we’ll put your box together and give it to a child on your behalf!

WHO WE HELP – This year we’re working in the Bekaa valley, in settlements with large refugee populations who are struggling to survive. Winter is a real challenge – with many families living in tents and unfinished buildings, keeping children warm, healthy and well-nourished in often freezing temperatures is a daily struggle. That’s why every Presents for Syria box comes with a set of warm clothes, soap, shampoo, towel, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Something else is hard to come by too for these kids – fun. That’s where you come in, selecting toys and gifts to help a child get the most out of life, exploring their creative or sporty sides, and giving them tools to fuel their imagination!

GIFT AID AND ADDITIONAL ITEMS – We’ll use the giftaid on your donation to buy additional items for the schools we’re working with – they’ve requested overhead projectors, textbooks and independent reading books for the library. We’ll also use it to buy some additional gifts to help even up the contents of the boxes to avoid tears and tantrums 🙂