soap, shampoo and other hygiene items delivered

winterisation items delivered, including blankets, gloves and jackets

creativity-boosting toys delivered

toy trucks, dolls and playground items delivered

Last winter, Presents for Syria brought over 8,500 items to Syrian refugee children living in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. These included the essentials: winter coats and scarves for 455 primary-school aged kids; soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and towels; and school stationery. The delivery also included two pieces of fruit for every child, and a 300-book library for the Huroof Educational Centre, giving access to Arabic- and English-language books to hundreds of children this year and in years to come. 

Christmas 2019 will be the fourth time Presents for Syria has brought gifts to Syrian refugee kids living in difficult circumstances in Lebanon and Jordan. Below you can see how gifts donated by you wonderful people made their way to children in the refugee camps of the Bekaa valley (2016 and 2018-9) and Amman (2017).

We hope that seeing the pictures of the previous campaigns and the joy they brought makes you excited to take part this year! This is how it works:


First, we arrange with our partner organisations which items to buy, based on your selections and the additional needs of the kids. We buy the items, bring them all to one location, and pack!


The next day we head to off to the schools/community space to deliver the gifts – in Lebanon in 2016, we delivered bulging bags of goodies to every class in a refugee school, and the year after in Jordan we held a special distribution event so that parents could be involved. As you can see, the kids were delighted to receive your gifts. 

In total, thanks to you, Jasmine Aid has provided bags of toys, warm clothes, toiletries and school supplies to 1,081 children living in informal settlements in Lebanon’s Bekaa valley and the Marqa district of Amman, Jordan. 


For winter 2019-20 we’re going to the Bekaa valley, hoping to reach 500 Syrian refugee children living in informal settlements who receive little or no support from other organisations. Your generosity is hugely appreciated, and we really hope you’ll take part in this year’s appeal!